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Update from the farm............

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all doing well!!! Just wanted to send you an update on the farm life to let you know where we stand and that we are still out here. After a very tumultuous 2021 and the loss of our row crops and freezer inventory we took another hit to the on hand meat supply by losing another freezer to an unannounced power failure!! Somehow the freezer just died and we lost all the contents! It is quite unsettling but we are working towards getting them restocked and hopefully will have some offerings real soon.

We are also adding some new items to the plantings at the farm as Lainya and I have been adding some grape arbors as well as fruit trees and berry bushes. While this will take a while to come to fruition we will be excited to have apples, plums, peaches, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries to the line up!!

Not sure what that will look like as far as product offerings go yet but it is encouraging to see new things springing up at the farm.

We have also gotten off to a pretty good start with our vegetable garden this year with eggplant, tomatoes, melons, peppers, cucumbers, squash, beans and a few herbs.

This has been a very long haul for us through Covid 19 and all the changes it has brought about but we are slowly getting back up to speed and growing again. Hopefully this will all turn out well this year and we will be able to make some rounds again soon.

I have enjoyed hearing from you all and pray that you are all doing ok. We have missed seeing and interacting with all of you and hope to see you soon.

Take care…….

The Hutchins Family
Heritage Farm

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