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The Heritage Farm Locally Grown Market site is now open.

Please visit “The Market” section to review all available products and to build your order for the upcoming week. We have a lot of available products and hope you enjoy using the online store!!

Remember that you have to create an account in the “Your Account” page before you can order.

If you have any questions please contact us at or 770-377-5380.

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Update from the farm.....Please read!

Hey Ya’ll!

Hope everyone is well and surviving the pandemic as best you can! We are all well and so far no one in our immediate circle has been exposed. We were already pretty “socially distanced” here at the farm anyway so we did not have to change much. As my granddaddy used to say " we’re so far in the boon docks they have to pump in the sunshine!!"

We wanted to update you on where things stand for us and for you as our customers for the near term future.

The pandemic has created a massive wave of shutdowns across the nation among the large USDA processors and consequently some of the smaller businesses we use have literally been overwhelmed with producers and individuals looking to process meats. What has resulted are some very long wait times to get into the processing houses around the south east and I imagine nationwide.

The system is overwhelmed and demand is clearly over running supply and creating a lot of the shortages you see in the grocery stores and some online sites. There is not a clear work around on the short term. The big boys will have to get their operations back up and running to take some of the pressure off the small batch processors. It’s just gonna take time.

We have 3 or 4 already scheduled processing dates and we are trying to get more but the options are pretty limited. As you can guess we can’t refill our freezers until we can get some stuff processed.

We are processing hogs on May 12th and should be able to get those products lined up and out for delivery the week of the 23rd (we hope) and we have some beef getting ready to come in around the 1st week of June. We also have a little on hand we will sell as well.

The poultry outlook is pretty dismal right now. We have a few ducks coming down the line and some turkey we are trying to get ground and packaged in the next few weeks. The chickens are out till the July/August time frame.

Given the high demand and short supply we are not going to accept any new first time orders. We are going to reserve what inventory we do have coming in for our current customers only. Once things settle down a bit and we can get more cyclical processing going on we will open back up to general public sales.

Keep your eyes on the e-mails! We will be opening the store soon for the pork and beef sale and my advice would be to get it while you can…once we sell out we have no real idea when we will be able to restock.

The Hutchins Family
Heritage Farm