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The Heritage Farm Locally Grown Market site is now open.

Please visit “The Market” section to review all available products and to build your order for the upcoming week. We have a lot of available products and hope you enjoy using the online store!!

Remember that you have to create an account in the “Your Account” page before you can order.

If you have any questions please contact us at or 770-377-5380.

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Venison or wild game anyone??

We are researching the idea of doing a wild game co-op. I know a lot of you have asked in the past about buying venison. It is illegal to sell venison in the state of Georgia but I may have found a way to get some to some of you that want it.

It would basically be a sharing type deal where you sponsor a portion of the costs of my hunting land and we share our venison and wild game harvests with you at no cost.

I’m going to ask the DNR about the legality of it but I guess I wanted to get some feed back from you all and see if anyone is interested in approaching a co-op like this?

Please reply to this email if you would be interested in sharing our harvests.


Greg Hutchins
Heritage Farm