Heritage Farm


Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

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Our mission is to bring you high quality, great tasting, nutritious, and safe-to-eat foods; educate others about the importance of local farms; and teach about farming, homesteading, cooking, and healthy living.

Heritage Farm, owned by the Hutchins’, a homeschooling family in Georgia, is a pasture based, multi species, all natural, family farm. We are Certified Naturally Grown. We have several acres in cultivation of crops, pastures and hardwoods where we graze and rotate our livestock, and a growing orchard of fruit trees and berries.

We produce “clean” fruits, vegetables, pastured meats, and eggs without harmful chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones. We also offer educational field trips, tours, and workshops.

Our products are available at several farmers markets, through our CSA, online store, and deliveries.

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