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A word about eggs!!!

A word about our pastured eggs!!

Did you know?

1-You can’t always judge a quality egg by yolk color alone. While it’s true yolk color matters it can change greatly with the age of the chicken and the season! For example new pullet eggs tend to be paler and smaller that mature eggs but carry higher levels of nutrition. These “first eggs” come during the first 4 or 5 weeks of a hens laying cycle as the oviduct develops. While they may be paler than their more mature counterparts they are every bit as high, if not higher, in taste and nutrition.

2-Yolk color is but one measure to a good, healthy egg. Its easy to manipulate yolk color. The industrial egg industry actually feeds a dyed food product to enhance yolk color so even the industrially housed hens can have bright yolks. These eggs are often ninety days old when they hit the store shelves and very low in true nutritional value. What you want to look for is the airspace in the egg to be minimal, the shell to be hard, the firmness of the yolk and white to be stiff (with minimal “watery” appearance), a good yolk color and most of all they need to be from pasture raised hens that free range outdoors with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, fresh water, bugs and forage.(You know….like ours!)

3-A chickens diet is the most important factor in egg quality. Our hens are pasture raised, are fed and organic diet of non soy and non gmo feed and feast on free choice bugs and forage.

4-During very dry seasons a chickens eggs will not be as bright orange as during good grazing climates. Natural yolk color is a direct result of how much green grass is available for foraging.

Our eggs are ALWAYS non soy and non gmo eggs, are ALWAYS pasture raised, free range and cage free, ALWAYS only a few days old and are ALWAYS some of the highest quality you can buy!!!

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