Heritage_farm_graphic_for_flyer Winter Farm Share
Grower: Heritage Farm
Price: $250.00 ( Each)
%> Available (Exact): 11

Help support our farm growth and stability on a year round basis. Twice a year we offer this investment vehicle for our consumers and supporters to help us grow the farm business. The farm share works like this....you buy in at 250.00 per share while they are on sale and we return the investment plus 15% (in food dollars) to your online account balance when the season starts (September). You then redeem your investment through our online store. Each purchase you make is deducted automatically from the account balance. For example: We are now selling the Winter farm shares for 2019. Say you buy in 500.00 now. In December, when we start the fall season, your account will be credited back with 575.00 for you to spend. You can buy any item from the online store (excluding specials and other discounted items) you like and the balance automatically adjusts with each purchase. The online dollars never expire and can be spent when product and delivery fit your schedule and/or needs. No weekly commitment or schedule. You decide when to buy. This is a great investment for both farm and consumer!!