Heritage Farm is a small family farm producing grass fed/grass finished and pastured meats; raw cow’s milk; free range pastured eggs; and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. We are Certified Naturally Grown and strive to provide the highest quality, local foods for our customers.
For more information about us, please visit our website, www.heritage-farm.net.

Heritage Farm Locally Grown is our online store and market where customers may purchase our products, CSA memberships, and farm tours. Additionally, you’ll find products from other local farmers and producers to choose from. We aim to give you more local choices, build community, and to promote local farms and food. Each product listing specifies the farmer/producer name. The store will be ever expanding with local products and drop sites so please check in often.

Placing Orders
To place an order, first you will need to set up an Account at the “Your Account” tab above. Once your account is created, you can review the product list anytime but you will need to place orders from:
8:00am on Saturday thru 12:00noon on Tuesday for WEDNESDAY DELIVERY
OR by 8:00pm on Thursday for SATURDAY DELIVERY
The store is closed and orders are not accepted on remaining days to allow time for processing, harvesting, and packing. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your order is entered and another when the payment is processed.
Important note…When placing an order, make sure you completely check out and process payment on your shopping cart before you close out and leave the store. If you leave items in your shopping cart without checking out, we will not get your order!!

If you are only browsing the store right now, go ahead and create your account so we can send you a reminder email every Saturday when the store opens for ordering.

Picking Up Orders / Locations
Upon checkout, you will choose a pick-up location for your order. We deliver on either Wednesday or Saturday based on your selected pick-up location.
Be sure to review all PICK-UP LOCATIONS AND TIMES here: DROP SITES
If you pre-order and want to pick up at a future date, please note that in the comments section of your order and we will hold it for you.

Payment will be made online at order checkout. We accept all Major Credit and Debit cards.

Pre-Pay A House Account
You can add money to your account in any amounts and just debit it as you shop week to week. This allows you to put money in your account without linking your card to an account. Just go to the your account section and pay in what you want now and then “refill” your account as needed. For example if you pay in 100.00 to your account this week and only spend 10.00 when you sign back in next week you will have an account balance of 90.00 to continue spending.

Farm Share Customers
If you have an existing farm share balance please set up your account and then send us an e-mail. We will automatically credit your current balance plus 5% for your discount to the new account. All future farm share purchases will be made on line and will automatically be added to your account.

Host A Drop Site
If you or someone you know would like to host a drop site, contact us. We offer discount packages for groups that may want to co-op and host a drop site!

Sell Through This Market
If you are a local farmer or producer and would like to sell through this market, contact us.

Connect With Us
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Thank you for your support!
Greg & Lainya Hutchins