Heritage Farm Locally Grown is the online store for HERITAGE FARM, a diversified, pasture based farm in Georgia. Our mission is to produce high quality, great tasting, nutritious foods. The farm consist of several acres in cultivation of organically grown crops, pastures and hardwoods where we graze and rotate our livestock, an herb garden, and fruit trees. We produce pastured and grass-fed/grass-finished meats, free-range pastured eggs, and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. We are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown offering products without harmful chemicals, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, antibiotics, or hormones. Our products are also soy free.

We sometimes list products from other local farmers/producers in our store. We aim to give you more healthy choices, build community, and to promote local farms and food. Each product listing specifies the farmer/producer name. The store will be ever expanding with local products and delivery sites so please check in often.

NOTE: Our Farm products are NOT sold or distributed at Kroger or any other grocery chain. We are not affiliated with the Heritage Farm brand in those locations.

We deliver to these DROP SITES every week. If our current sites don’t meet your needs, consider a bulk buy or hosting a new site in your area.

Our Sourcing and Growing Practices:
All of the products we carry are grown to a strictly grass fed and finished or pasture raised and supplemented standard. We grow a large majority of the products we bring to market here at the farm but we do also have land leased that we grow some of our livestock on. ALL of our properties and products are strictly managed for compliance to the Certified Naturally Grown standard we farm by. We also engage other like minded and compliant small farmers to grow with us and to offer products on our store. If you have ANY specific questions not addressed here please feel free to email us @ theheritagefarm.info@gmail.com and we will get you an answer.

How To Place An Order
1. If this your first time ordering, you’ll need to set up an account at the “Sign In” tab above. After you create an account, you will need to sign in to place an order.
2. If you are a returning customer, simply sign in.
The ordering system is open from Saturday through Thursday.
If you are placing an order for Wednesday delivery, your order must be placed by Monday 8 pm.
If you are ordering for Saturday delivery, your order can be placed up until Thursday at 8pm.

3. Choose your products and add them to your cart. Selections and checkout button are displayed in top upper left hand corner of market page. If you do not see it simply refresh the page.
4. Once you have added the items to your cart, proceed to checkout. Review your order.
5. Select the Pick-Up Location/Day/Time from the drop down menu.
6. Select Pay Now and continue the check-out process for payment. Be sure to complete and process your payment. We accept all major credit and debit cards.
6. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your order is placed.
7. You will receive a 2nd confirmation e-mail when your payment is processed.

If you are only browsing right now, go ahead and create your account so we can send you a reminder email on Saturday when the store opens for ordering.

Pre-Pay A House Account
You can add money to your account in any amounts and just debit it as you shop week to week. This allows you to put money in your account without linking your card to an account. Just go to the your account section and pay in what you want now and then “refill” your account as needed. For example if you pay in 100.00 to your account this week and only spend 10.00 when you sign back in next week you will have an account balance of 90.00 to continue spending.

Health and Wellness with Essential Oils
Would you like to take your health and wellness to the next level? We love Young Living’s products and appreciate that they own many of their farms and are committed to beyond organic growing methods. Their transparency and exclusive Seed to Seal Promise ensure that we receive 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Contact us to learn more or get started HERE.

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